Welcome to yogawithseema – my personal journey into the exhilarating world of Yoga.

The journey began at The Aurobindo Ashram in Delhi. I have fond recollections of proudly demonstrating Yoga Asanas to groups of Westerners who came to the Ashram in their pursuit of Yoga. As a child, that was my first initiation into Yoga. A relationship that has continued to blossom over the years.

Growing up in India, I was taught the true essence of Yoga – to delve into the physical, mental and spiritual tenets of Yoga. Yoga to me became a way of life. A simple technique for leading a nourishing and healthy lifestyle. A means of attaining physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance.

Coming to the West, I was astounded by the various connotations that Yoga held. What did Yoga mean then? Was it a means of quenching our obsession for attaining a “perfect body”? A fad fuelled by celebrity endorsements? An exotic form of exercise? An extreme physical contortion? A regression into the “hippie culture”? A quick fix remedy to our problems? A religion? A mystery?

These questions led me to develop a style which offers the wisdom of classical yoga, but is infused with contemporary insights and knowledge. A synthesis of the various traditional styles of Yoga that I have learned. A simple practice that creates a sense of well being and inner harmony.

Yoga has a ceaseless flow of knowledge, styles and meaning. Each day opens up a new learning, a new insight into Yoga. Over the years it has helped in my growth as both a student and a teacher.

My mission is to provide a nourishing environment where my students can understand and appreciate the uniqueness of their body and the nature of their mind. To establish a strong, steady and flexible body and a calm, clear and productive mind. To lead a life full of joy, vitality, clarity and balance. To find freedom………….

Hari Om!



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Thanks to Gregory Macmillan for Seema's Photographs and R W Stocker for Photographs of Elements and Nature.