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Testimonials: Testimonials

Her kindness and her soft but technical knowledge, have allowed me to improve so much in so little time, making my yoga practice a confident joy and a weekly need for my past-inflexible limbs...
Thank you, Seema!

Philippe Jan, France

I had been practicing yoga with Seema for a year and a half (2018-2019) after the birth of my third child. I had practiced yoga before and was an experienced student with high expectations. Needless to say that Seema Banerjee had entirely met my expectations as a teacher. She was actually the teacher, who extended my understanding of yoga beyond its physical aspect by just sharing small part of her own knowledge. Practicing with Seema was always a joy, no matter how bad, tired, sleepy or nervous I felt at the beginning. I always ended up feeling good, relaxed, balanced and with satisfyingly sore muscles. Each practice was different and accommodated my condition and particular needs. I am really grateful I have met Seema and had a pleasure of practicing with her!

Leyla Alieva, Russia

I highly recommend yoga with Seema, I have been doing her Saturday morning class for about a year and a half and she is without a doubt the best yoga teacher I have had. She guides you through each practice with her energy, grace and clear instructions. She has also shown me how amazing Yin Yoga can be and for that, I am very thankful. You will be greatly missed in Singapore!

Stacey Colella, Australia

I will be forever indebted to Seema for instilling in me a great love for yoga ! I had tried yoga before but had never stuck with it ! But from my first lesson with Seema , I was hooked .
Her beautiful calming speaking voice and her gentle introductions to the poses as well as her constant attention to each student's poses impressed me ! She is very thorough and always seems to know what a class or a student needs on any particular day .
As my practice progressed she gently pushed me to do better , challenge myself more and achieve poses I'd never have thought possible !
At the same time she taught me the restorative effects of Yin yoga.
I refer to Seema as the author of my yoga journey and she really is ! I know I will never find a teacher like her again ! She is indeed special !
She will be very much missed !

Carmel O'Callaghan Tan, Ireland

I would 100% recommend yoga with Seema. She is an amazing human being and a brilliant yoga instructor. I have been doing yoga with Seema for some months now and I love how she knows when I can push myself more than I know. She recognizes your strengths and helps you to become more aware of the progress you have made. I find her classes to be challenging but in ways where you want to challenge yourself. I love my yoga practice, but more because it is with Seema. I highly recommend her.

Fay Simmons, United States

I have thoroughly enjoyed Seema's yoga classes. In the beginning was hesitant to join any yoga class, worried that I wouldn't be able to do any of the poses or have the stamina to keep up. But, I immediately felt at ease with her. She gently challenged me each lesson showing me that I could give more than I thought possible. She always seemed to know exactly what muscle areas I needed to work on each week and I left the studio feeling clear headed and energised. She has given me an appreciation and love of the practice. It will be difficult to find another instructor I love as much. I will truly miss Seema.

Rhonda Howarth-Kuo, Australia

Seema is a truly harmonious soul and one of the best yoga teachers I've had during my 15 years of practice. She will feel the energy, mood and level of each individual and tune in to lead their yoga journey. Will miss you here in Singapore

Anna Liden Cederholm, Sweden

Seema's Monday morning yoga is perfect start for the week. The classes are all always different and full of energy, strength and stretching. I would always recommend yoga with Seema. Thank you and all the best for you!

Paula Akkanen, Finland

I've found the Yoga with Seema classes to be perfect for me! Super convenient being able to attend yoga classes run by a professional, at home! Seema is also great at understanding what the people attending her class can and can not do and is very encouraging in helping us go deeper and stronger.
Thanks Seema for being a great encourager during my pregnancy, keeping me going with classes right up until the delivery date, and then being so welcoming when I brought my baby to class after that :)
You're a great teacher and a genuinely loving person to know xx

Liz Wullems-Griffioen, Holland

Seema‘s classes always leave me relaxed and ready for the day. She looks out for everybody and always gives different options for more and less experienced students. I would always recommend her classes. Thank you, Seema!

Sabine Sapia, Germany

I did pre natal yoga with Seema last year. Given it was my first pregnancy, I was pretty hesitant on the exercises which would be safe, given my body was going through so many changes. Seema was a great guide for me through those months. I found her a phenomenal teacher and support system - she brings in a great depth of scientific thinking and knowledge, a calm mindset, and an optimism which made me look forward to her classes every week. Thank you and we will miss you!

Chandan Deep, India

My husband and I started yoga classes with Seema six months ago. It is an absolutely enjoyable experience, both of us look forward to her session every week. There is clear, marked improvement of my husband's flexibility after a few sessions and I feel my body letting go of all accumulated tension. Seema is very encouraging and pays very close attention to make sure that our postures are correct. She guides us through the postures in a calm and easy to follow manner, addressing both body and mind. As we are taking private classes, each class is customised for day's request and our conditions. We absolutely enjoy our classes and highly reccomend Yoga with Seema!
Seema, we are going to miss you here in Singapore!

Olesya Belyanina, Russia

Seema helped me with prenatal yoga. The workout and meditation helped me a lot to relax keep my mobility right till the end. Absolutely fantastic experience!!

Preeti Aggarwal, India

Seema is such a graceful teacher ! Also very kind and engaging. I’ve always enjoyed her class very much .. really sad that she left us but truly treasured the time we shared in the studio. Thank you Seema for the experience! Wish you the best in UK!

Suriana Sidik-Hoet, Malaysia

Seema is a fantastic yoga teacher. She had different routines she can use for every class, so you never feel you are doing the same stretching all the time. Best of all, I love her voice, calm and clear. She puts me at ease with her special tone of voice. I am very sad to leave her class due to my move.

Ru Z Barnes, United States

Seema is a wonderful instructor that knows her way around all levels and types of yoga. I feel relaxed after and enjoy the classes thoroughly.

Wan Yi Chen, Taiwan

Seema is a wonderful person and teacher, very patient and calm , sharing her knowledge of yoga practice with grace and humor. I had an awesome experience of yoga during my pregnancy and after. Guided meditation was my favorite part of practice, as I had lack of a good sleep 😀 Seema is an excellent teacher who truly cares about her students. I would highly recommend Yoga with Seema to everyone. Namaste

Nadia Kuntsevich, Belarus

Her teaching, her personality, her kindness❣️

Margrit Heinimann, Switzerland

Coming from India, practicing Yoga and it’s health benefits are always in our faces but I never bothered. On arriving in Singapore, I realised yoga is very popular here too but never found an authentic class where the instructor actually bothered to notice and correct my practise untill I started with Seema.I honestly started mainly because of proximity but I remember even before the first class she completely put me at ease by saying I could wear whatever I wanted as long as it was comfortable. She never indulged in promoting expensive and useless yoga gear like many instructors do. So I knew she was authentic to her practise and her teaching. I was learning and practising Yoga under Seema for a year during which she would pay attention to every mistake I made and correct it on the spot. It was a great body and mind work out. Her starting words really put one in the mood for the class and her ending words really make one feel positive, relieved and relaxed after the class. When Seema conducts the yoganidra at the end of a session it’s a real treat for the mind and body especially because of her soothing voice and clear, simple instructions. Learning with Seema also gave me courage to join a group class when I moved to far away to continue with her. Still .... nothing I found ever came close to a class with Seema and I have tried a class here and there in Singapore, Bali, Cambodia,Thailand &India with an Indian, British, Chinese, American and Spanish instructor. Nothing came close.

Jo Mendonça Grizard, India

Yoga with Seema are the best yoga classes I have ever attended. I have been attending yoga classes on and off for about 20 years but Seema's classes are the only ones that got me attending week in week out over 5 years. Classes are relaxed and friendly with clear instruction and demonstration of poses along with gentle encouragement. I always leave Seema's classes feeling better than before I went in. Over time I have noticed improvement in my practice and greater flexibility. In addition working with the breath is something I can bring into other areas of my life.

Dr Hazel Andrews, United Kingdom

I hadn't done any Yoga for nearly 15yrs, I suddenly realised I'm not as supple & flexible as I once was😳
But Seema was fantastic and was aware that I was struggling sometimes, and allowed myself & some others to go at our own pace. I only went to four sessions but felt the benefit already,Seema is a marvellous instructor and this has awoken my interest in Yoga, and I definitely will continue at another venue in Chester.
Thanks Seema, good luck in Singapore, hopefully you'll be back next year. 👍🏻😃X

Jeanette Timmons, United Kingdom

Thank you for some fabulous yoga sessions while you have been back in Chester, Seema. I love your yoga classes and just wish you were here all year. Looking forward to next summer already xxx

Diane Hornsby, United Kingdom

I loved tonights class!! I'm sorry I didn't start yoga with you sooner, I am enjoying your sessions so so much! Thank you X

Adele Stoffberg, United Kingdom

Hey Seema,
your class was brilliant as always today! After a workin day its just exactly the right thing. My back, well the whole body feels soo much better afterwards..
great - thanks!

Verena Kopp, Germany

Having completed my NLP practitioner certification I am working towards Master practioner. Yoga provides an excellent programme that helps conect with the body's somatic intellegence. The physical aspects that Seema prpares for each practice are supported by a deeper revelation of being Yogic, with plenty of linguistic references.

David Grimes, United Kingdom

Yoga with Seema should be available on prescription! I feel as though balance has been restored in my life this week...I'm already looking forward to my hour of tranquility next week! Thankyou Seema x

Samantha Brightmore, United Kingdom

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