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‘Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep on moving.’ Albert Einstein

With each day, the world around me takes on new dimensions. I pedal through life, absorbing the ever-changing scenery whilst striving for wisdom, but being equally susceptible to mistakes. I have discovered that life is indeed a mixed bag; sometimes I cruise through seamlessly,  sometimes, it can be a bumpy ride. Hauling me through these transitions is my Yoga. It has firmly stood by me like a wise and loyal companion; restoring my balance, stabilising my life and providing me with support.

My life is inextricably tied to yoga. My journey began at the heart of its sacred birthplace, where I was first introduced to Yoga as a child growing up in India. I have memories of the times when as a homesick child in a boarding school, it was Yoga that came to my rescue and reassured me that everything would be okay. It robustly carried me through my passage into adulthood, and helped me to endure the tough competition and stresses of being a student. It celebrated with me as I discovered love and got married, encouraged me when I set up a new home away from home, and supported me as I brought two children into this world. Yoga continues to empower me as I step out of my comfort zone to embark upon a new journey into the unknown; adjusting to my latest role as a ‘trailing spouse’.

The idea for a blog was planted from my desire to share my experiences, which although unique to me, is relatable to many. As my curiosity takes me on new adventures to different parts of the world, I feel enriched by the opportunity to savour new cultures, encounter diversity, learn from new experiences, meet interesting people, stumble, fall, pick myself up and keep on going. After all, isn’t that what yoga is all about? Going beyond the outward effects of a bendier, more shapely body, it is the transformation that happens from within. Subtle as it may be, this is when the true meaning of yoga gets uncovered. For me, this flexibility is not just limited to the body; it has stretched my mind and opened it to a world full of new possibilities and discoveries. In that sense, yoga has been a deeply healing process. I have unravelled new things about myself; strengths that I never knew I possessed, and weakness that I know I must let go of. 

In this blog I shall share some personal stories as I journey through life and try to figure out some of its perplexing questions. Through telling of the unique people that I meet, about the special places that I visit and often the funny situations that I am thrown into, I aim to deepen my own understanding of the world around me. I’ll punctuate it with some yoga tips too – after-all yoga is at the heart of my being!

All the views expressed in this blog are my personal experiences and opinions. As Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Emperor famously quoted  ‘ Everything we hear, is an opinion not a fact, everything we see is the perspective, not the truth.’ On that note, approach this blog with an open mind and a dash of humour. Join me as I meander through the rich tapestry of life trying to find, restore, maintain, establish and create balance whilst celebrating life…

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